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O MEDIA is a Macau’s largest media company. We offer products and services in three major categories:

B2C Media Channels

O MEDIA owns and publishes luxury, lifestyle, leisure and culture magazine High Life, Greater Bay area personality magazine South China Elite and Macau entertainment lifestyle magazine WGM. All three brands are based in Macau and offer digital and print content. All are completely bilingual in English and Chinese (traditional characters for South China Elite and simplified characters for High Life and WGM). High Life and WGM are both published monthly and are very widely distributed in Macau. South China Elite has a distribution network focussed on social elite and business community professionals such as private bankers, lawyers, economists, listed company CEOs and CFOs, wealth management professionals, high net worth individuals and family-owned businesses.

B2B Media Channels

We own and publish Asian gaming industry publication Inside Asian Gaming. IAG is the premier trade industry journal for the Asian gaming and integrated resort industries. Published since 2005, it is read by tens of thousands of senior and middle management industry executives. IAG has three spin-off media channels: Daily digital publication IAG Breakfast Briefing (published at 8am every Macau business day), and entertainment and tourism trade show newspapers G2E Asia Daily and MGS Daily.

Business Services for the LENGTH Industries

We provide a range of services to the LENGTH (Leisure, Entertainment, Nightlife, Gaming, Tourism and Hospitality) industries. These include consulting services through IAG Consulting, event management services through O EVENTS, market research through O MARKET RESEARCH and custom publishing through Bay Area Publishing.

As well as our Macau head office, O MEDIA has an office in Central in Hong Kong and representation in mainland China, Europe, North America and Australia. Subsidiary companies include Asia High Life Limited, South China Elite Limited, Must Read Publications Limited (publisher of IAG) and World Gaming Magazine Limited, all of which are registered in Macau, and O MEDIA (HK) Limited, registered in Hong Kong.

Our Board

David P SteickeDavid P Steicke


A successful entrepreneur often described as a “maths genius”, David was born in Murray Bridge, Australia and obtained university degrees in Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Education between 1980 and 1986 in Australia. David’s highly developed mathematics and computing skills were instrumental in the foundation of a successful career in derivatives trading.

Since 2005 David has resided in Hong Kong and in addition to his trading manages a wide range of varied and successful businesses. David was appointed Chairman of O MEDIA in 2014 and has presided over the expansion of the group since.

Andrew W ScottAndrew W Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Australia, Andrew moved to Hong Kong in 2005. He founded O MEDIA in 2009, the year he moved to Macau. At various stages in his professional career he has been an accountant, nightclub manager, share trader, educator, journalist, media commentator, consultant and a magazine publisher. Since 2005 has he particularly focussed on journalism and the Asian gaming industry. He is active in the local Macau community especially as President of the Macau Taxi Passengers Association since its formation in 2014.

Andrew was named the 2014 Macau Person of the Year for his role in systemic improvements to Macau’s taxi industry as President of the Macau Taxi Passengers Association.

Andrew completed a BCom degree in 1993 and will complete a MSc (International Integrated Resort Management) at the University of Macau in 2017.

Michael MariakisMichael Mariakis

Chief of Staff

Born and educated in Australia, Michael now divides his time between Macau and Australia and brings over 20 years of senior management experience to the table at O MEDIA. During his professional career Michael has held various C-level executive roles in Finance, Marketing and Operations, driving change and implementing a culture of continual improvement in many high profile Australian and US multinationals.

Michael joined O MEDIA in 2012 and has been instrumental in the evolution and continuous improvement of the group since.

Our Businesses

High Life

hl-logo-gold-1High Life is the flagship publication of O MEDIA. The magazine features high-end luxury lifestyle, tourism, leisure, arts and culture showcasing the very best of Macau to people from mainland China and around the world. The content includes high end leisure, retail and entertainment products on offer in Macau resorts as well as other elements of Macau society and culture.
High Life is categorised into four sections. Society includes articles on arts and culture as well as interviews with celebrities. Think beautiful people; interesting people. Indulge features the world’s most interesting spots for dining, wellness and travel – with a focus on Macau of course. Play revolves around music, parties and sports, while Style is all about trends, accessories and the latest high tech toys.
The magazine also includes Concierge, a listing of around 100 of the most luxurious retail offerings available in Macau resorts.
Generally more than 80 percent of our content relates to Macau, but we also present outstanding lifestyle elements from around the world of interest to Macau visitors. The magazine has a WeChat account and promotes Macau by speaking to audiences in mainland China and around the globe.

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AIG LGOG applications

Inside Asian Gaming is Asia’s premier B2B print and digital gaming magazine. Founded in 2005, IAG is a monthly magazine with a broad business editorial focus on the Asian gaming and integrated resort industry. It is widely distributed to industry executives throughout Macau and the rest of Asia.

IAG is renowned for publishing “The Asian Gaming Power 50.” Anxiously awaited each year, The Asian Gaming Power 50 is an annual ranking of the 50 most influential and prominent Asian Gaming industry leaders and executives. IAG also publishes special editions for G2E Asia in May and the Macao Gaming Show in November.

IAG also produces IAG Breakfast Briefing – a daily email newsletter sent to around 20,000 inboxes at 8am Macau time each day — and G2E Asia Daily and MGS Daily, the daily newspapers of Asia’s two largest industry trade shows.

For further information please visit asgam.com

South China Elite

South China Elite

South China Elite showcases fascinating and extraordinary personalities from across the Greater Bay area – from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Guangzhou to Macau – and elsewhere in Guangdong Province and South China. The magazine features people mainly from the world of business, but also showcases academics, entertainers and others making a valuable contribution in developing the region, which is amongst the fastest growing in the world.

As well as a cover story each issue focusing on one particular personality making a major contribution to the region, South China Elite also features entertaining and informative articles contributed by some of the most eminent experts in the region, in the Business, Insights and Lifestyle sections of the magazine.

For further information please visit southchinaelite.com



World Gaming Magazine Limited (WGM)

WGM is Macau’s premier entertainment lifestyle magazine. The B2C “guide to Macau for everyone”, WGM was founded in 2009. It is Macau’s most widely distributed magazine (of any genre), and features five sections. Play covers gaming, Sport contains EPL, other international football, basketball, tennis and more, Enjoy showcases great dining, spa, beauty and relaxation options, Trends is for anyone in the shopping mood in Macau and Know is the most useful and practical guide to everything the Macau visitor needs to know. WGM has extensive distribution in resorts, hotels, Macau’s entry points, restaurants and nightlife venues.

For further information please visit wgm8.com.


Bay Area Publishing

BAP provides bespoke custom publishing for your book, magazine, report, white paper or other professional print publication. We are a one-stop shop providing copy writing, editing, translation, graphic design, photography and printing services. We can publish any type of publication with any number of pages. Numerous options are available to our clients. For more information, contact O MEDIA.

Lex Mundi

Product Portfolio

Media Kit 2017

Media Kit 2017
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O MEDIA in the news

01-Aug-17 Dailymail
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
01-Aug-17 MSN
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
02-Aug-17 Channel NewsAsia
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
01-Aug-17 The Straits Times
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return

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「澳传媒」拥有并出版生活风尚、休闲及文化类高端杂志《品》、大湾区人物杂志《南华精英》及澳门娱乐生活杂志《环球博彩》。三个品牌均以澳门为基地,提供中英双语的电子版和印刷版内容 ,其中《南华精英》为繁体中文,《品》及《环球博彩》为简体中文。《品》及《环球博彩》均为月刊,在澳门广泛发行。《南华精英》的发行网络则以社会精英和商圈专业人士为主,如私人银行家、律师、经济学家、上市公司CEO和CFO、财富管理专业人士、高净值人群及家族企业等。


我们拥有并出版亚洲博彩业杂志《Inside Asian Gaming》。IAG是亚洲博彩及综合度假村产业首屈一指的行业刊物。自2005年创刊以来,读者甚众,包括数以万计的高层和中层管理人员。IAG有另外三个媒体渠道:每日电子刊物《IAG Breakfast Briefing》(于澳门每个工作日早8时发送)以及娱乐旅游展会日报《G2E Asia日报》和《MGS日报》。


我们为休闲、娱乐、夜生活、博彩、旅游和酒店行业提供一系列商业服务,包括IAG Consulting的咨询服务、O EVENTS的活动策划、O MARKET RESEARCH的市场调查以及Bay Area Publishing的大湾区定制出版服务。

除澳门总部,「澳传媒」在香港中环亦设有办事处,并在中国内地、欧洲、北美和澳大利亚设有代表处。子公司包括:在澳门注册的品亚有限公司、南华精英有限公司、Must Read Publications Limited (IAG之出版社)和环球博彩杂志有限公司,以及在香港注册的澳传媒(香港)有限公司。


David P Steicke薛大卫(David P Steicke)


薛大卫是一位成功企业家且被誉为“数学天才”。他出生于澳大利亚Murray Bridge,1980至1986年在澳大利亚获得纯数学、数学物理及教育学士学位。精湛的数学和计算机技能为其在衍生品交易领域的成功奠定了根基。


Andrew W Scott卓弈(Andrew W Scott)





Michael Mariakis麦致远(Michael Mariakis)










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《Inside Asian gaming》

AIG LGOG applications

《Inside Asian gaming》是亚洲首屈一指的B2B博彩杂志,分印刷版和电子版。IAG于2005年创刊,以月刊形式深入探讨亚洲博彩和综合度假村产业,并广泛分发至澳门及亚洲其他地区的行业高管。

IAG因其设立的“The Asian Gaming Power 50”榜单而声名远播,每年备受业内人士期待。这份榜单是年度最具影响力的亚洲博彩业界领袖和高管的50强排名。IAG亦于每年5月和11月为G2E Asia(亚洲国际博彩娱乐展会)和MGS(澳门娱乐展)出版特刊。

IAG同时制作电子快讯《IAG Breakfast Briefing》──每个澳门工作日早8时发送至约20,000个邮箱,以及为亚洲两大行业展会制作《G2E Asia日报》和《MGS日报》。



South China Elite

《南华精英》旨在展现大湾区非凡人物的风采,包括香港、深圳、广州、澳门以及广东省和华南其他地区。杂志以商界精英为焦点,亦不乏学术界、艺能界等其他领域为该地区(全球增长最快的地区之一)做出宝贵贡献的各行人士 。





World Gaming Magazine Limited (WGM)




Bay Area Publishing

Bay Area Publishing(大湾区出版)为您的书籍、杂志、报告、白皮书或其他专业印刷物提供定制出版服务。我们提供撰文、编辑、翻译、平面设计、摄影和印刷等一站式服务,可以出版任何类型、任何页数的出版物,为客户提供多样选择。欲了解更多信息,敬请联络「澳传媒」。

Lex Mundi



Media Kit 2017


01-Aug-17 Dailymail
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
01-Aug-17 MSN
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
02-Aug-17 Channel NewsAsia
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return
01-Aug-17 The Straits Times
Macau casinos rack up year of gains as VIPs return






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